If your business is relocating to a new office building, it’s important to know what you’re doing when it comes to moving office equipment and important documents. After all, your goal is to make your business relocation as smooth and efficient as possible, and the last thing you want is to damage things in the process. At Pack N Move, our professional packers and movers have years of experience assisting with office moves in Visalia, Fresno, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to hire our commercial movers, or continue reading for some office moving do’s and don’ts.

Office Moving Do’s

There are several things you can do to make your office move more productive and less stressful, beginning with planning ahead and determining what you can and can’t accomplish yourself. That being said, here are some things to do when you’re packing to move office items:

Do Sort Items

The key to a successful office move is knowing where everything is when you unpack at the new location. Save yourself the extra stress and sort items into boxes that logically go together — for example, group together small office supplies, like tape, staplers, pens, and sticky notes, and save all the computer mice, keyboards, and cords for a different box. Always remember to label your boxes when packing for an office move.

Do Empty Desks

Though you may be tempted to leave items in desks, this will only make your office move much harder than it needs to be. Sure, you’ll know where certain things are, like pens, paperclips, and notepads, but this prevents your commercial mover from being able to maneuver things easily. To ensure that items do not break, spill, or get tossed around, empty the contents of your desks into labeled packing boxes.

Do Use Quality Moving Supplies

Now is not the time to skimp on packing supplies. If your office equipment is important to you (and it should be), make sure to stock up on sturdy packing boxes for moving, as well as packing tape, bubble wrap, and other necessary packing materials. Your commercial moving company will have all the packing and moving supplies you need to ensure that your belongings make it to the new location safely, so don’t hesitate to use professional packing services.

Office Moving Don’ts

Some business owners prefer to do the moving themselves, which can be risky. If you are confident that you and your employees can move all of the office equipment in your building, take these things into account:

Don’t Move In One Day

Procrastinating on your office move is a surefire way to stress out your employees, clients, and yourself. Successful business relocations don’t happen overnight, and oftentimes, it takes two to three days to get everything moved to your new location if you’re doing all the heavy lifting. For a smooth office move, make sure to plan out a timeline of when certain items will be transferred to the new building, such as office desk furniture, computers, filing cabinets, and other office supplies. Then, do the moving in phases.

Don’t Lift Heavy Items Yourself

There are certain aspects of commercial moving that should be left to the experts, and lifting heavy items is one of them. Office movers know how to lift desks, filing cabinets, TVs, and other hefty items safely, without causing damage or hurting anyone in the process. Trying to save some money by having your employees move everything just isn’t worth the risk of injuries happening during your move, as this can lead to medical leave and worker’s compensation claims.

Don’t Forget A Backup Plan

Accidents do happen sometimes, especially if you’re trying to move office equipment all by yourself. That being said, it’s good to have a backup in place if items don’t fit into your vehicle, the stairwells are too narrow, or things are too heavy to carry. As with most things, it’s better to be prepared and prevent accidents than it is to jump the gun and have a mess on your hands. In most cases, hiring a local moving company is the best way to ensure that everything arrives at the new location in one piece.

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