Welcome to the Pack N Move blog! As the top-rated moving company in Visalia, CA, our packers and movers are passionate about what they do and are excited to use this space to share helpful information and advice about embarking on a residential or commercial move. As it turns out, there is much more to moving than meets the eye, and it is our job as professional movers to keep our customers informed so that they can feel confident in their decision to move with us. That being said, consider this blog your guide for all things packing and moving in California!

Who We Are

Pack N Move is a family-owned and -operated packing and moving company that serves both residents and businesses in Visalia and the surrounding areas. Residential moving is our specialty, and we take it upon ourselves to provide Californian homeowners and renters with the best packing and moving services possible. This includes everything from taking the time to set up an initial consultation and give you a custom quote to providing full packing and moving services with top-quality packing materials and spacious moving trucks.

Many past customers have told us that our impeccable attention to detail, professionalism, and friendly service are what sets us apart from other Visalia moving companies. Our experienced movers have helped hundreds of California residents pack and move to their new destinations, and are prepared for any job — no matter how big or small. Upgrading from a tiny, third-floor apartment to your first home with lots of brand new furniture? No problem. Relocating your business to a new commercial space an hour outside of the city? We’ve got you covered. When it comes to packing and moving in and around Visalia, there isn’t anything we can’t do!

Aside from our range of packing and moving services and professional customer care, our packers and movers are also known for their genuine friendliness and willingness to do everything they can to make the process simpler for you. At Pack N Move, we understand that relocation isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be incredibly stressful, emotional, expensive, and time-consuming. That’s why we offer compassionate, efficient packing and moving services at affordable prices for homeowners and renters alike.

Perhaps you are leaving the home you raised your kids in after they left the nest, or are being relocated for work to a state far less beautiful and exciting than California. Maybe you recently took a financial hit and have to downsize, or had a natural disaster wipe out your home. Trust us — we know how this feels, and we are here to take the burden off you. Often, relocation marks the start of a new chapter in life, and sometimes, these changes can be hard to get accustomed to. Whatever the case, you can count on our packers and movers to provide nothing less than the superior moving services and support you need during this time.

What We Do

Known as the best packing and moving company in San Joaquin Valley, Pack N Move is home to a team of experienced packers and movers who are dedicated to their job. Each and every one of them has a breadth of knowledge about packing and moving techniques, tools, and processes, and brings a whole new level of superiority to our moving company. We are proud to offer the following packing and moving services to locals in and around Visalia.

Residential Moving Services

No one does residential moving better than we do — and we aren’t saying that to be arrogant. It all comes down to doing things right the first time and taking pride in our work, which our packers and movers do every single time. Residential moving can be tricky, what with all the tall apartment buildings, townhomes, condos, and homes throughout Visalia. Nonetheless, our furniture movers are well-equipped to take on any residential move, no matter how many stairs, elevators, and bulky pieces of furniture we encounter. Here are some of the residential moving services we offer for local homeowners and renters:

  • Consultation and custom moving quote
  • Professional packing services
    • Providing all packing boxes, supplies, and other materials
    • Packing and unpacking all belongings
  • Professional moving services
    • Providing spacious, reliable moving trucks
    • Moving heavy furniture and delicate items
    • Loading and unloading all belongings
  • Local residential moves
  • Residential moves across California

Commercial Moving Services

Although residential moving is our specialty, we are also happy to provide commercial packing and moving services for businesses that are relocating up to an hour drive from Visalia. We could hardly call ourselves a professional moving company if we did not serve the needs of local business owners as well as homeowners, so don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance with a nearby commercial move! Our commercial moving services include:

  • Consultation and custom moving quote
  • Professional packing services
    • Providing all packing boxes, supplies, and other materials
    • Packing and unpacking office supplies, computers, desks, etc.
  • Professional moving services
    • Providing spacious, reliable moving trucks
    • Moving heavy, valuable office items
    • Loading and unloading all office materials
  • Local commercial moves
  • Commercial moves an hour in any direction from Visalia

Hire The Pack N Move Team

We hope this post gave you a better idea of who we are as the top-rated packing and moving company in Visalia, and that you will return for future posts about how to prepare for a move, what should be on your checklist, DIY hacks, and more. Until then, consider us for your next residential or commercial move! Our professional packers and movers would be happy to provide their services in order to make your next move as easy and stress-free as can be.