When packing to move, nothing is more important than stocking up on the right packing materials. Yes, sometimes, newspaper and old packing peanuts work as padding, but when it comes to moving antiques, artwork, glassware, and other fragile items, it simply isn’t worth it to skimp on packing supplies. From our professional packers at Pack N Move in Visalia, here are five essential packing supplies we simply can’t live without.

Sturdy Moving Boxes (Small, Medium, & Large)

Obviously, packing boxes are an essential for any size move, but we’re not just talking about any kind of boxes. Packing boxes for moving need to be strong and durable so you can pack them to the brim without worrying about them tearing or capsizing when they’re lifted into the moving truck. Lots of people think they’re saving time and money by using recycled boxes from the liquor store or old cardboard boxes that have been sitting in the basement for years and are barely holding up. Trust us when we say that the last thing you want is to spend days packing your things, only to have them break or fall out of their boxes during the move.

Packing Tape, Masking Tape, Duct Tape … All The Tape

Even if you buy a bunch of brand new packing boxes, you’ll still need lots of tape to keep them shut. Our professional packers and movers use hefty packing tape for boxes, and we recommend labeling them with masking tape and a permanent marker if you don’t have box labels. It’s always good to keep duct tape on hand for heavy-duty items, such as kettlebells and other workout equipment, so you have the right strength of tape for the job. To ensure that your packing boxes and tape hold up, pack lighter things in big boxes and leave the heavy items to the smaller boxes. Also, be sure to pad your belongings with bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and other kinds of padding so they don’t shift around inside and bust open your boxes.

Moving Dolly

While there are many other packing supplies we use on a regular basis, like stretch wrap, box cutters, and mattress bags, we couldn’t do our jobs safely and efficiently without a moving dolly. As a licensed and insured moving company, we know how important it is to keep ourselves and your belongings safe, so we take necessary precautions when moving heavy items and bulky boxes. Plus, using a dolly makes it a lot quicker to move these things up the ramp and situate them in the moving truck without throwing out our backs or dropping things because they’re too heavy.

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