For many people, packing to move is the worst part of relocation, and who can blame them? With all the clutter to sort through, tons of packing materials to buy, and hours upon hours of organization ahead, it’s no wonder why so many people procrastinate on packing until just a week or two before moving day. As professional packers and movers, we’ve learned a handful of tricks over the years that can take some of the headache out of packing to move. So, from our team at Pack N Move in Visalia, here are five helpful hacks to help you figure out how to pack for a move without the added hassle.

Hack #1: Color Code

If you were looking for an excuse to splurge on all those colored markers, labels, and rolls of duct tape that have been calling your name at the office supply store, this is it! Color-coding all your packing boxes for moving is one of the easiest ways to stay organized, especially when you have to cram literally everything you own into tubs and bins. Trust us, you won’t know your clothes from your kitchen utensils when they have been dumped in packing boxes that all look the same, so do yourself a favor and color code them by category.

Can’t fit all your pots, pans, plates, bowls, knives, and silverware into one box? Organize them into separate boxes and label them with the same colored tape. Got dry goods in the pantry? Designate a separate box for peanut butter jars, bread, pasta boxes, and any other non-refrigerated food so you know where it is when it’s time to unpack. That way, when you unload the moving truck, you won’t have to sort through clothes, books, and other odds and ends to pull out the cutting board and make yourself a sandwich.

Hack #2: Plastic Wrap Liquids

Ever packed to move or just to stay overnight at a hotel, only to find that your shampoo, hair gel, or toothpaste had burst open and soiled all your belongings? In our former years, we’ve had that happen, too. Just to be safe, cover all your liquids in plastic wrap or a recycled plastic bag to help prevent any leakage during your relocation. If you can, try to keep these things in their own box, like one labeled “personal hygiene,” so if there is an accident, the only things that will be affected are your other bottles and plastic-wrapped containers.

The same goes for cleaning supplies. If you’ve got lots of household cleaning products to bring with you on the move, give them a tight plastic wrap and place them together in a packing box for moving, labeled “cleaning products.” That way, your other belongings will be protected from any spills and stains, and you won’t be tempted to throw them into the moving truck like you might with a box of clothes.

Hack #3: Tape Items To Each Other

Wondering how you’ll manage to keep track of all those computer cords, phone chargers, adaptors, and other tech clutter that has taken over your home office? Well, isn’t that what tape is for? One way to minimize confusion when it comes time to unpack all your belongings in your new home is to keep things together, even if the only way to do that is by literally taping cords to the back of the computer monitor, gaming console, or TV they belong to. If you think packing to move is stressful, the last thing you want is to deal with a mess of cords, or worse, have them go missing, when you sit down to unpack. So, save yourself the headache and use some tape.

Kitchen utensils are also notorious for getting misplaced during relocation and, let’s admit it, it’s usually because they get tossed into a random box with lots of other odds and ends. Stacking measuring cups inside one another and securing the edges with a few pieces of tape is a great way to make sure they stay together during the move. If you’re particularly worried about losing kitchen gadgets during your move, get smaller boxes for each sub-category (silverware, knives, dish towels, measuring tools, etc.) and keep them together in one big moving box labeled “kitchen.”

Hack #4: Don’t Fuss With The Clothes

When people move, they tend to think that their clothes must be taken out of drawers and stashed in boxes. Though packing boxes for moving can make this process much easier, they are not always necessary when it comes to clothing. If you want to go the easy route, leave your clothes in their drawers so when the moving truck arrives, you can simply slip the drawers out and stack them on top of one another.

An even better alternative is investing in some packing boxes that come with side handles and a clothes rack inside, which you can literally place hangers on to hold all of your jackets, dress shirts, and blouses. Then, instead of having to dig through boxes to find the hangers and hang up your clothes in your new closet, you can just lift them out of the box and place them on the closet rack.

Hack #5: Before Packing, Take Photos

If there’s one foolproof way to ensure that all of your belongings arrive organized and intact, it’s to take photos of everything before you even start packing. Start by making piles of the different categories, like kitchen utensils, office supplies, books and movies, home decor, etc., then place them into their respective boxes. Not only will this help you remember where you put everything, but it will also make unpacking that much easier if you need to “look up” where they were placed.

If you love the layout of your couch, coffee table, and other living room furniture, it doesn’t hurt to snap a quick photo before loading everything up into the moving truck. That way, if you want to arrange everything how it used to be when you arrive at your new home, you can use the photo as a reference. Not sure how you had all your wall art, framed photos, and other home decorations laid out? Whipping out your phone and snapping a photo of your old arrangements will make redecorating much easier, and it might even help you feel more at home in your new place.

Use Our Professional Packing Services In Visalia

If you’re like most people and would rather leave the packing to the experts, it’s worth it to hire packers and movers to facilitate the process. At Pack N Move, our professional packers have years of industry experience and know the ins and outs of every moving situation. Not sure what to do about those family heirlooms and antiques? We’ve got you covered with packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and everything else you need to ensure they get to your new home in one piece. Got tons of clothes, shoes, and jackets? Don’t sweat it — our professional packers have moved many closets before. Give us a call today to use our packing and moving services in Visalia!