To make sure your move goes efficiently and smoothly, there are a number of things you can do to make it as painless as possible. The moving process should really begin around two months before the actual moving day. Giving yourself this extra time to strategize, declutter, and pack will help make your move a more manageable process.

On top of doing commercial and residential moving, Pack N Move also offers professional packing services in Visalia. We can help you save time and effort on one of the most crucial steps in preparing to move: packaging up your stuff.

Phase 1: Strategy

1. Organize your move in advance.

Have a move-out strategy. What are you taking with you? How will you get your stuff from point A to point B? Do you need to hire a moving truck or can everything you have fit safely in your own vehicle?

2. Be ready for the movers.

Whether you are packing up your belongings yourself or you have hired a professional packaging service, you should make sure everything is ready to go so that the move can begin without unnecessary complications. Having to run around to find boxes if they haven’t already been provided for you will only delay your move.

3. Take stock of all your belongings.

The amount of stuff we can accumulate over the years can be shocking. When digging through it all, you are likely to find all sorts of things you didn’t remember you even had. Having an inventory of all of your belongings will help you get an idea of the necessary scope of the move.

Phase 2: Clean House

4. Get rid of extra, unnecessary stuff.

After you have taken inventory, you may discover that you have lots of stuff you simply don’t need. One of the best times to get rid of extra, unnecessary stuff is before a move. Decluttering your home — getting rid of things like old furniture, clothes, appliances, and random construction material in your garage — will help make your move go more smoothly. Donate what you can and throw away the rest. You’ll be grateful you did.

5. Put labels on everything!

As you’re going around and getting organized, you will save yourself future headaches by labeling all your boxes with what is in them and which way is up. The more labeling you do, the easier it is to keep track of your things and find them again later when you unpack them at your new location. Labels also help packers know at a glance things like what is inside the box, how it needs to be handled, and which side is up.

Phase 3: Pack

6. Start packing up.

The day of the move is rapidly approaching — it’s time to start packing up. Start with things that are not essential and that take up a lot of space, and move on from there. When it comes to packing up fragile, bulky things, it can take special skills to do it appropriately and safely. That’s why our moving company offers professional packing services all around Visalia. Your valuables are worth getting packaged by professionals using heavy-duty moving boxes and industrial-grade moving supplies and materials. You have enough work already, anyway. Hire Pack N Move to get the support you need through one of the most challenging steps in the relocation process.

7. Identify which items require extra care or special handling.

Carefully wrap up your valuables or show us which things need to be packaged with extra safety precautions.

8. Communicate with the movers.

Let us know what exactly you need done and how. Good communication with your moving team will ensure that your belongings are moved with the proper care and that specific instructions are followed where necessary. We help make this step easy by doing a walk-through of your home when we arrive, where we clarify what exactly requires special attention. No job is too big or delicate for our professional movers. From massive pianos and expensive artworks to family heirlooms, there is no object too heavy or too frail for our expert packers to pack up and move for you.

9. Do a final sweep of the house.

Not only visibly sweeping your house for final objects, but physically cleaning your house before a move will make sure you didn’t leave anything behind. Much like being in a national forest, it’s a courteous thing to do to leave a place the same way you found it — or better.

To Be Continued…

Click here to keep reading our list of 13 things you can do to make sure your move goes smoothly. If the hassle of moving is getting too much for you, or you’re looking to hire the best packers and movers in Visalia, look no further than Pack N Move. Contact us today to get your free moving quote!